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June 2011

Legally use movies in your presentations – with Motion Picture Licensing Corporation

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 10:04 am by Brian

“Show me the ________”

Legally have Tom Cruise be your co-presenter and pump up your next audience

Yes, you can fill in the blank.  That’s because Hollywood has spent billions of dollars inserting catch phrases, iconic visuals and memorable scenes into our brains.

So, tap into the power of Hollywood’s bucks and high production values.  Insert movie clips into your presentations to REALLY make a point and “up” the engagement of your speeches or training classes.

Can I legally use movie clips?

Yes and no.  Yes, you can legally feature movie clip.  No, you can’t just download a clip and use it legally.  But fortunately for presenters everywhere, there’s the Motional Picture Licensing Corporation.

Cheap and legal – what’s not to like?

For an extremely modest fee, you can use as many movie clips as you would like for a specified number of presentations per year.  There are no reporting requirements.  It couldn’t be easier.

2 Responses to “Legally use movies in your presentations – with Motion Picture Licensing Corporation”

  1. Richard Schenkar says:

    Brian–this is certainly interesting and makes one wonder how this corporation gets the right to issue licenses for the uses they purport to license. One cannot generally convey more rights than one has.

  2. Brian says:

    RIchard, MPLC has agreements with over 400 major motion picture studios and production companies to issue “blanket licenses” to show copyrighted movies and TV shows from those organizations for corporate events. There are restrictions. But it seems to be similar to how you can get a blanket license from ASCAP and BMI to play copyrighted songs during meetings for those artists that they represent.

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