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June 2011

Do You Pass the Smile Test?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011 10:32 am by Brian

Okay executives-leaders-managers, answer this question honestly. Do you pass The Smile Test?

Do your people smile more when they see you coming...or more when they see you GOING?

It’s simple. Do your people smile more when they see you coming or more when they see you GOING? (Doh.)

Odds are your people best like the view of your back retreating down the hallway. And why shouldn’t they? When you are walking towards them, what is likely to happen? You are going to…

Ask them for something…ask them to do something…or correct their work.

Now, you might be thinking, “But it’s my JOB to ask them for something, to do something, or to correct their work.” And you would be correct. But that’s not ALL your job.

People need to trust you. They need to want to follow you. And for that to happen, they need to believe that you are interested in them and care about them. And that doesn’t come from being a task-spewer in every interaction.

The solution is Management by Talking Around. Twice a day you purposely walk around your organizational fiefdom and JUST TALK to your people. The rule is, you can’t ask them for something, to do something, or correct their work. You just engage them. Pleasantly. No agenda. 70% listening/30% talking. No matter what they say personally or professionally, you do NOT REACT as a manager. You just talk.

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