Information is not enough

Brian Walter’s consulting services deliver the two most vital outcomes executive and professional communicators want: memorable clarity and impactful big moments.

Peter Ho, CEO of Bank of Hawaii (a client of Brian Walter), shares the vision that earned them the title of #1 Bank in the Nation two years in a row

Manage Your Message
Information alone is not enough. To project leadership, executive presentations must move from mere information to ah-hah level insight. Only then do they have the power to motivate audience members to remember and act on what they’ve heard.

Brian doesn’t  just show you how to do this. Through intensive interviews and his proven Believe/Know/Do development process, he helps you make it happen.

Learn more about how to Manage Your Message.

Big Moment Makeover
Everyone who gives professional presentations strives for those big moments that seize the audience’s attention and make important points go verbally viral.

Your speaking and training content deserves Big Moments

Brian makes those moments happen for you. He creates original anecdotes, catch phrases and analogies. Want more wow? He produces custom game shows, interactive exercises and multi-media effects. Brian’s Big Moment Makeover is like having your own one-on-one creative production company.

Learn more about Big Moment Makeovers.

To discover how to incorporate Big Moments into your next presentation, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeetingsdotcom

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Mary Kuhn
VP of Marketing, AAA

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