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From OW to WOW presentation visuals
PowerPoint is used (and loathed) for visually communicating almost ALL business meeting content. The painful reality is that most executives, professional speakers, and trainers know they are not tapping into the real power of this software. They struggle to manage their message conceptually and visually. Brian Walter will change that for you…immediately. Your PowerPoint “decks” will go from OW to WOW.

From formal to funky and everywhere in between

From formal to funky and everywhere in between

Turn Key Level Support
With Turn Key production support, you provide a written script or set of talking points, and Brian’s team of designers takes care of everything else, from beginning to end.

They design the template and track down distinctive images and media clips.  They produce dynamic graphs and process visuals, and create unique animation.  They implement all your changes and preferences briskly.

Whether your PowerPoint has 17 slides or 177, you will finally have presentation visuals that tell your content story in a compelling way.

Two competing pharma molecules duke it out onscreen

Take 2 Level Support
But suppose…you already have an initial PowerPoint deck. Brian Walter and his team will punch it up with a “second take” of layout, color, photos, organization, and motion graphics animation.

They’ll add customized music, sound effects and video clips.  With Take 2 production support, the turnaround is fast, the process is affordable, and the transformation (and value to you) is clear to see.

PowerPoint support specifically for Webinars
PowerPoint support is even more important for webinars. Think of them as narrated slide shows, with TRIPLE the number of slides you would normally do in a live presentation.

Big, colorful, simple…beats bullet points every time

If your slides don’t change frequently right from the beginning, viewers will be checking their email and multi-tasking minutes into your webinar.

To completely create or punch up your next PowerPoint presentation, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeetingsdotcom

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My inspiration for what speakers do right to visually engage attention is Brian Walter. His methods made me a more interesting speaker!

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