Tap into the power of non-trivial trivia

Games deliver the goods (engagement)
What your meeting audiences want is surprise, real interaction, physicality, fun and genuinely useful information…an Extreme Meeting!

Use parodies of popular culture with game shows during your meeting

The most powerful way to deliver this type of engagement is with organized audience competition…a game show…all about your content.

Everybody wins
In companies, knowledge isn’t power until it’s shared. That’s why custom game shows feature non-trivial trivia about your business. Brian crafts questions that entertainingly serve as internal myth-busters. (What do employees believe to be true that frustrates management because it just isn’t?)

Hokey? Not Extreme Meetings’ games
Playing games in meetings is never hokey IF the content is relevant. Quizzing employees on company-specific trivia they should know, but may not, creates instant engagement.

Clients call on Brian to craft entirely original game formats, or to parody game shows everyone knows.

Either way, the shows are filled with flashy visuals, exciting effects and snappy banter, all directed at identifying and reinforcing vital messaging.

Past client examples include:

  • Payless Minute to Win It
  • Who Wants to be a Verizonaire?
  • Bank of Hawaii 1 vs. 100
  • Sodexho Jeopardy
  • Sherwin Williams Fact or Crap
  • What’s Your Windows Embedded 6.0 IQ?
  • Microsoft Two Truths & a Lie

To create real engagement at your next event with a custom game show, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeetingsdotcom  (brianatextrememeetingsdotcom)  

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