Massive Customization

Audience-driven content
Audiences instantly know if a speech is about them and for them, or just a canned spiel they could’ve watched on YouTube. Brian Walter doesn’t give generic speeches.

Brian is insightful, relevant, interesting...never boring

He delivers crafted, made-to-order interactive productions. Each one is full of internal references, challenges and triumphs directly from your company. Your meeting becomes an Extreme Meeting.

A “right now” orientation
Brian conducts enormous research for every speech. It’s all about your audience’s work life…right here, right now..

Inside the heads of your people
Brian says out loud what they’re thinking (“How did he know that?”). He uses humor to boldly state the truth about how things are and what needs to happen.

Topics no other speaker covers
It’s easy to find speakers on leadership, change, team building or service. But try finding one who…

  • is an expert on elevator speeches (Verbal Ping Pong)
  • can make your salespeople appreciate the new comp plan that sets the bar higher for earning commission
  • specializes in explaining what your brand actually means to line-level employees (Branducation)
  • is able to get every audience member focused and motivated on your initiatives
Brian BECU Two Truths

Brian "humanizes" execs with custom Two Truths & a Lie audience interaction game

Brian does those and more. He is an expert on taking your meeting-specific content and crafting it into compelling onstage experiences and productions (Custom Game Shows).

To make your next event an Extreme success, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeetingsdotcom  (brianatextrememeetingsdotcom)  

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"Rave reviews from beginning to end!"

Kelley Haslun
Senior Manager, PepsiCo

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