Brand value employees can actually value.

What happens after the branding agency’s work is done?
Most companies hire an agency to reinvent their brand. But then…

Brian at PB One Forum

Brian rolls out the Pitney Bowes brand to employees

After countless focus groups and executive brainstorming sessions, the deliverables are: a new logo, a brand promise, a mission statement, several pithy brand values (usually “pillars”), and supposedly distinctive brand attributes.

Next, the agency recommends a brand rally be held to roll all of this out to employees…and then leaves.

When all this hits the employees at the rally, they don’t get it. Without real world translation, other than the logo (which they aren’t sure they like) everything else about the brand is perceived as management gibberish. Uh-oh.

Eminem? Close...PBinem rapping about the Pitney Bowes brand

Translate brand concepts into real world employee behavior
Brian Walter writes, produces and performs your brand rally for you. Using the unique process he calls Branducation, Brian taps into his extensive Advertising and HR background to demonstrate to employees the tangible power of your reinvented brand.

Using cultural references, industry-analysis, and interactive exercises, Brian breaks down what each new brand component means. He provides the WHY behind the WHAT.

Employees discover that their new brand is…

  • A recognizable look and feel
  • A promise that is consistently experienced and delivered
  • An emotional connection between the customer (or client) and the company

Employees engage with their brand once they GET IT

A proven roller-outer
Brian Walter has helped companies of all sizes roll out their reinvented brands and values to employees. The Brand Rally was an Extreme Meeting.

They include Starbucks, Pitney Bowes, World Vision, Bank of Hawaii, Mechanics Bank, Darigold, a huge national bank no longer in existence, Qualstar, Group Health Credit Union and Novelis.

To make your brand roll-out an experience employees will actually value, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeetingsdotcom  (brianatextrememeetingsdotcom)  

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