Give your audience an E-ticket experience

Until 1982 Disneyland charged an admission fee and then separately sold coupon books for the attractions. The best ones were the E-ticket rides.

Sticky Content webinar

Sticky Content – how you can have memorable sizzle in your speech, training class or presentation

And that is exactly what audiences want from your speech or training class…an E-ticket experience: memorable, exciting, interactive.

Make messaging “sticky”
As a communications consultant and infotainment expert, Brian Walter will show you how to make your speech or training class’ messaging more sticky.

How will he do that? With an action-packed, example-laden, steal-these-ideas-now session on memory-enhancing presentation skills. The key is to hook participants’ emotions.

Fluff vs Content

It’s a false choice: audiences want you to have BOTH in your presentations and training

You will discover how to:

  • Put more action into interaction
  • Use Mini-Brands to instantly make your key points memorable (and boost retention)
  • Increase the production values in your speech/class
  • Pose instead of tell
  • Create customized game shows and call & response exercises
  • Tap into Hollywood’s money for compelling allusions
  • Become “visualicious” with your PowerPoint

Verbally viral
Once you apply Brian Walter’s sticky techniques, you will see your content go “verbally viral” within your audience or organization.  Sticky Content is a perfect fit for National Speaker Association chapter, American Society of Training & Development chapters, and executive development programs at companies.

To make your speech or training content more sticky, contact Brian Walter at 425-837-0669 or brianatextrememeeetingsdotcom  (brianatextrememeetingsdotcom)  

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