What is Verbal Ping Pong, and how do I play?

You’ve got about 3 seconds
Every Elevator Speech book, system or marketing expert you’ve ever read or heard has claimed you have 15-30 seconds to answer The Question (“What do you do?”). But you don’t. You’ve got about three…at first. Any longer and the other person will flee from you.

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Every company and professional needs a compelling answer to the question - "So, what do you do?"

So hit the ball back
In an Elevator Speech you’re actually playing a game of Verbal Ping Pong. The person you’re talking to starts by serving you the ball with The Question. The game immediately ends if you hold on to it. The only way to keep the game going is for you to hit the ball back.

You’re talking to a person, not giving an interview to the Wall Street Journal
Powerfully position what you and your company does through a progressively-revealed, CONVERSATIONAL answer. Why? Because you’re giving your Elevator Speech to a person, not delivering a press release.

Scooby Doo Response

If you are interesting you will get the Scooby Doo Response

You’ll know they’re hooked when they give you the non-verbal “Baaaargh?” Scooby Doo Response.  That’s an opt-in signal that says “I’m interested…keep talking a little more” – Verbal Ping Pong.

  • Create surprise and interest the second you open your mouth
  • Reveal what you do in an engaging Wow, How, Now sequence
  • Connect with a dialogue instead of a self-sabotaging monologue
  • Vividly sell your value through five different “Now for example” story formats
  • Finally have a compelling answer to The Question that has tormented you
Don't Fear the Question

With Verbal Ping Pong you no longer need to fear being asked "What do you do?

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